Roaring Lion Launches Resealable Bottle, Two New Products

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January 18, 2013
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Roaring Lion Launches Resealable Bottle, Two New Products

Bottles_100k LOS ANGELES — Roaring Lion energy drink is proud to announce the launch of their new line of resealable Bottles and they are marking the occasion by unveiling two new products to the public, “Au Natural” & “Zero”. While the new 16.9oz bottles feature an updated look that is sleek & attractive, the functionality of the packaging & the healthier formula inside are sure to also grab Consumers’ attention as a perfect solution for people who need ‘energy on the go’.

“We believe that the Bottles provide added convenience and greater adaptability to the widely varied lifestyles of energy drink consumers. The ability to reseal a bottle means that you don’t need to drink a large energy drink in one sitting – you can take the two full servings with you in your car, to the gym, or just carry it in your bag as you are going about your normal life – without having to worry about spills or keeping it fresh”, said Roaring Lion’s Brand Manager, Brian Boate.

The decision to introduce the bottles is based on the brand’s recognition that the energy drink market is currently in the midst of an emerging evolution in which a growing number of consumers have begun seeking out healthier, more natural alternatives in the food & beverages they purchase.

Roaring Lion’s goal is to provide these consumers with a variety of packaging & formula options that allow them to pick a RL product that most genuinely fits their lifestyle. To this end, both “Au Natural” & “Zero” are ”natural” products that retain the traditional energy drink taste profile & functionality consumers expect, but with all-new formulas that provide a healthier alternative to most of the options currently in the market.

The only non-natural part of the two formulas is the flavor component – all of the functional ingredients are naturally-derived. Most notably, this means that they contain ”natural taurine” & the caffeine content comes from ”guarana extract”, and they each possess no artificial preservatives. “Au Natural” uses natural sugars to sweeten, while “Zero” uses trace amounts of Stevia. A healthy dose of B-complex vitamins are in both formulas, as well. These two products will complement Roaring Lion’s Original formula, which prompted a revolution in the U.S. Bar & Nightclub industry over the past decade.

“The reception by our Fans, Accounts & Distributors thus far has been exceptional. We feel we’ve hit the nail on the head and are delivering something the market has been asking for: greater convenience & healthier options, with no sacrifice to taste or functionality. We are very excited for [the bottles’] continued success”, said Sean Hackney, Operating Partner.

Roaring Lion’s new bottles are currently available in select markets around the U.S. and will retail with an MSRP of $2.29 per bottle.

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